Journey To Truth explores my own journey as a transgender man physically transitioning with testosterone in order to align my body with my mind. This comes after a years long battle to access treatment and a belief that once I started treatment, my life would finally begin. Unfortunately I started testosterone months into a pandemic and have therefore missed out on that for the most part. The images I have created are a document of my experience of finally getting to start my medical transition and going through the changes in real time. The photos were taken during walks that I have been going on to pass the time during the past few months. I want to show all of the thoughts I’ve been having about my medical transition in recent months during what has been a very strange time with Covid lockdown.

This project acts as a journal of my reflections on this journey to living as my authentic self. It tells the story of the joys of starting to look the way I want to, my plans for further treatment and the dealing with life’s ups and downs while going through such physical and emotional change.
It is a document of a period of time that I am not getting to share with others in the way I had wanted to that I believe has become my own way of sharing the journey.